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Why Employees Leave Organizations?

There are number of reasons which can be mentioned while discussing this issue.  Apparently, a lot of people, even a brainless guy can say that money is the main factor and it is only factor because of which people are forced to leave organization. If we get sufficient amount of money, that is guaranteed we will stay on and vice-versa.  It’s time to change our point of view and get the real fact. The fact is that it is one of the factors, not the only factor which should be looked into. Yes, of course, it may considered as potentially effective motivator and it appears to have a good deal of symbolic value. For some people it can be instrumental in satisfying esteemed and recognition need as well as basic physical needs… to be exact, for most of the people, for if you do not earn money, your job will not carry any value.
But that is not enough and if you put it that way, it will be considered as simplification of the whole thing. Now let’s throw bright light on this matter.
In the word of Allan Port, employees in an industry are not “economic men” so much as they are “ego men”; which means they want credit for their work done, appreciation, approval, congenial and cordial relationship with their co-workers. Employees will respond to money as a motivating factor only to a certain point and if he believes that the benefit will be greater than the expenses incurred by him. If the benefits are less than the personal cost, they will not respond to monetary factors and eventually it will make him leave the job. Friends, employees are the most valuable assets in any of the organization. So, it’s the duty of organisation.to take care of the employees as teacher takes care of his students. That’s why Wingman’s propagated the theory of “Employees First, Customer second.” Customers will come to you and take the services and move. There is no guarantee that customers will be loyal to you after taking services from you. But employees, are giving efforts in increasing sales of organization’s products which in turn, helps organization’s to generate revenue. Using money as a motivator may decrease intrinsic motivation. So, organization will have to measure and manage human capital using methodology designed to suit their own needs and goals. This will enable stakeholders to make better informed decisions about long term viability of an organization and its ability to generate value in fast changing world too. Management of the organizations have to use sophisticated management techniques including people management practices and identify resources which will be useful for fulfilling the organization’s SMART(Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-related) goals.

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