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The Sands of time – Sidney Sheldon

One of the most exciting novels I have read. A novel that kept me awake till I completed it. The lives of three nuns turn upside down when their convent is attacked and they are forced to escape. This story is based on the time of the Spanish civil war (which the Wikipedia describes as a struggle between democracy (i.e the republicans) and fascism ( i.e the nationalists). Every event that unfolds has a new story to tell. Everyone seems to wonder why the sisters join the convent where it is the strictest regime of all. Every sister, however, has her own story which is convincing enough. When they are thrown out into the world after being away for so long, their memories, feelings, and choices they make after seeing the world again are something that made me think deeply about being up to date every day with the news and internet.
The fictional character I most relate to: Megan. I do not really know if I relate to her or wish to be like her.
Fictional Love interest: Jaime Miro
He is a strong leader with the wits to escape any danger that he is put in and a passion for working towards what he believes in. He seems to follow ‘find what you love and let it kill you’ philosophy.
Favorite quotes:
The novel starts with a great line (note from the author) This is a work of fiction. And yet…….
This one is when Jaime Miro says: The difference between a rebel and a patriot depends on upon who is in the power at the moment.

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