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Love Knows No Religion

Once upon a time, a shop keeper, Joseph, found a boy abandoned near his shop. The boy was unaware of who his biological parents were. The only thing which he remembered that his own name was Rehmat, a Muslim Boy. Joseph, an devotee Catholic Christian, went to the nearby police station to trace the boy’s biological parents, but all of his efforts were in vain. He was on the verge of losing all his hope. His wife Christina suggested him that he should shift the boy to the Government aided orphanage as it might bring series of unwanted troubles later on. But Joseph turned a deaf ear to his wife’s words and brought up the boy on his own with his meagre income and ensured that Rehmat had got proper education. He retained Rehmat’s religion by taking him to a Muslim cleric and made the child learn Holy Quran and all the Islamic rituals. He could have converted the child , but he did not. A lovely relation between an Catholic Christian man and Muslim boy started blossoming and eventually the Muslim boy became the part and parcel of Joseph’s family. Rehmat started considering Joseph as his mother and father, though Rehman was disliked by Joseph’s wife Christina. But she did not have anything to say as Joseph was determined to bring the Rehmat up as his own son. They are like happy family.
Years went by and suddenly an storm came into their lives. An journalist came across this unique relationship and aired this in a TV show. Rehmat’s biological parents also watching the show and they recognized their child. They went to the tea vendor Joseph and sought the custody of Rehmat. But Rehmat refused to go with his biological parents and wanted to stay with Joseph. But Rehmat’s Biological parents went to to the court to claim his custody and tried heart and soul to get Rehmat back to their family. But the court has delivered the judgement in favor of Joseph , saying that it was Joseph , who despite being an Devotee Roman Catholic Christian , never tried to change Rehmat’s religion or force him to accept the Christianity . Moreover, by providing him the education , he had done his duty to him. On the contrary, Rehmat’s original parents were so callous that they abandoned the boy though it was unintentional on their part. But as Joseph performed his duty towards the boy, he deserved to be recognized as Rehmat’s true parent. not his biological parents.

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