Author: Pratibha Ramteke

Tears were rolling from her eyes making their way through cheeks. Soon she bursted. No one was around. Her laptop was flashing an email from him where he has expressed his feelings for her. She knew that he likes her but

Everyone was waiting for it like the “Chatak” (Sanskrit word.  Pied Cuckoo) waits for the first drop of water to fall from the sky while waiting for the monsoon to quench its thirst. Our situation was no different. Each monitor

“Yohooo!!” “Whoopi!! This is so amazing

This is not the horror story I am going to tell you, neither I am here to scare you. This is what I felt when I got trapped in a situation where I will never want to face again in

Day 3: KaliPokhari to SandakPhu In continuation of Day 2  An evening of Kalipokhari coloured us in all colours available in the universe. With such a warm welcome, how come one will not fall in love.  As Sunsets, rays of sun makes

Day 2: Tonglu to KaliPokhari In continuation of day 1 The morning of Tonglu has already planned a special thing for us. At night, the temperature has got dropped drastically; we woke up to see frozen water. Our trek organizers were busy

In Continuation of Trek Diaries SandakPhu Day 1: ManeyBhanjung to Tonglu Our first destination was Tonglu and the distance we needed to cover for the first day was 13 km. We started our journey with full excitement and enthusiasm. This trail is

It was a very impromptu decision for me to do this. I was just a beginner in this field of Trekking. Started it just 2 months back and has experience of 2 treks in and around Pune. When I heard

There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception -- Aldous Huxley It all started when I was coming home back from work. Those days I used to by my company bus. My right

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