Author: Naila Hussain

The organised religion and its quasi-imposed belief fear induced systems are not really organic natural ideas of inhabitants of a native land. It is because they are inorganic synthetic ideas which are based upon Judaic old literature. Natives of the

Why was India conquered? Why were Muslim invaders successful in India? Why did India lost to foreign invasions? Why India continued to be raped and remain exploited by foreign ideologies? India being a very ancient civilization had many times polarized societies

The cyclic lows are time pivots for an exponential growth of future. You can only go from lows to highs. India has been ripped off its rich past like you rip off a beings liver and heart. The body can be

We as human beings are both microcosm and also fractal image of macro cosmic universe. All that is done by us is later done to us as a reactive consequence in certain way. You see the cells are continually dancing

All animals and beings on this planet have a set frequency and vibratory rate that keeps them alive and functional but their souls are not able to transcend to higher rates for being stuck in a very limited space due

I only join fragmented pieces or rather a jigsaw puzzle into one and then when I view that it is like that proverbial dark mirror that shows all past and future as if it was a moving continual view. We

If you want to know your future you must know your history. Likewise if you want to know the future of your city, state or country you must know its history to unfold the deep hidden secrets that nobody will

The ancient Indian texts have almost all sciences compressed covering just about every imaginable subject in such subtlety that you think you are reading a spiritual context when in reality it also hides in those words, extremely clear super scientific

Major Solar Eclipse occurring on Feb 26th when Sun & Moon come to 0 degree or rather complete 360 deg cycle and conjunct exactly both join at in Pisces at 8'12 degrees as per tropical system. Simultaneously Mars conjuncts Uranus in

Southern Arabian kingdom of Shiva History and try appreciate what Supreme Lord Shiva means. SubhanAllah wa bihamdihi = Om Namah Shivay. Shaivism was the most important influence in ancient Arabia before Islam along with pre islamic Babylonian Deities. Arabs when they