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Author: Braja Mohan Singha

The brutal killing of Mr Bimal Sinha ex Minister,Tripura on 31.03.1998 and its affects When Shri Ranjit Ghose CPI(M) Sub divisional Secretary ,Kamalpur was kidnapped from Manikbhander CPI(M) party office a few months ago before murder of Bimal Sinha it was

7th August 1942 was the day Gandhiji started Quite India movement . 190 years British rule in India ended on August 15,1947. By inducting 06 MLAs of Tripura Assembly in BJP the latter started crusade to oust misrule of CPI(M) in

Amit Shah -ji after his speech in Kumarghat handed over the Turban (Kayeet/Pagree) to his security personnel or attendant as he was to rush for his next interaction in Agartala from 4pm to 6pm This has been developed to an issue. The

Today Bimal Sinha of Tripura ex Health Minister, was assassinated at Avenge on Dhalai in 1998. His brother Bikram Sinha was taken into custody by insurgents groups of Tripura. That it was a ploy of political intrigue was perhaps within his

The aftereffects of announcement of demonetization of notes of Rs 500/-and Rs 1000/- put the stakeholders of black money amounting to approximately Rs 5.5lakhs crore unaccountable amount besides circulation amount of Rs 14 lakhs 300 crore notes of Rs 1000/-

The Rath Yatra festival of the devotees of Lord Jagannath starts from Snanyatra or the abulation of Lord Jagannath which takes place a fortnight ahead of great Chariot Festival or Rath Yatra. The big festival in Puri is famous worldwide. Besides

Many people may be upset with me when their "branded ambassador of development with a clean imaged"- hero has been criticized by me frequently for his willful lapses on several issues . A politician in opposition,Tripura said to me, a few days

All on a sudden as many as six Congress sitting MLAs joined TMC,one backed to CPI(M) wherefrom he left earlier and managed a ticket from Congress thus reducing Congress strength from ten to three only in Tripura Assembly. Following rout of

They started their long march to the scheduled ground where from they will get a glimpse of their King and had his versions on his subjects. They have been allured to attend the gatherings,some cash in hand for the day,and other

The trend of recently concluded assembly elections in five states give us an offing trend of Indian politics. The importance of Congress party is deseeding and being replaced by either national parties or regional parties. West Bengal: Whatever the oppositions through manipulation of