Author: Abdul Qadir

The Armed forces protect us not only on borders but within too, Still they will continue to have haters Kerala saw one the biggest flooding in decades and Army had to be called in to save thousands of stranded people. And within

When Arvind declared that he won’t be celebrating his 50th birthday owing to death of Atal Bihari Vajpayee, former prime minister of India. It appeared to be a great humanitarian step and which was widely published by media within minutes

Well in this era perception is a big thing, and recently it is seen that maneuvering or even manipulating information has become kind of a business. Recently Thomson Reuters (TR), a Canada based multi media company, released a “report” which adjudged

Bad? Before I come to Bhagat’s novels, let me give you some idea about the prospective young readers in India. SOME BACKGROUND There are around 25 crore students enrolled in schools across India in 2016. Only 17% of the students get an opportunity

When the question will be asked "Whether women are being treated better in Saudi Arabia than in India?" Most of the people would presume that the obvious answer to this question is Saudi Women are treated worse than women in India.

Because it is socially disruptive left ideology declining in India but Kerala still following it. Before I begin, if you are staunch follower of Political left ideology, I want to apprise you the following facts may offend if not dilute your faith

To observe the Biggest Hypocrisy of Pakistan we need to start looking at Pakistan’s foreign Policy first with regard to two countries: COUNTRY 1: Guess this Country. This country ostensibly bans Burqas and Muslim Beards[1]. This country bans Muslim from fasting during

If we keep on keeping religion over the country. If keep considering hatemongers like Zakir Naik and Barkati as Scholars. If we keep on flocking rallies of people like Shabbir Ali warsi who threaten to destroy India if India doesn’t allow foreigners.[1] If