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Love-requires no medium to express!

Tears were rolling from her eyes making their way through cheeks. Soon she bursted. No one was around. Her laptop was flashing an email from him where he has expressed his feelings for her.
She knew that he likes her but she never had a clue on how deep his feeling are. Those were not just the words; those were the true feelings of a heart to heart. She was weeping.
She went down the memory lane. It was their first day of Nursery together. She was cute and he was intelligent with a spark in his twinkling eyes. No, it was not the love at first sight; it was the beginning of a new journey.    They used to study together, participated in many elocution competitions, skits were performed together. They even used to share the same route.
Years passed and he felt something when they reached Higher school. At this time, He realised the feelings he had for her.  He was shy. Always known in school for his merits, the one who is brainy. She was no different, both share the same characteristic of shyness.
But she did not feel the same for him. He was just a schoolmate like others to her. Many times he tried to confess his feelings to her. But she used to always avoid her.
“That day I wanted to share my feelings with you. Birthday celebration of Amol (their common friend) was the perfect occasion. I was sure that you will come. But you didn’t turn up. I was heartbroken. I had asked Amol to invite you. I had planned everything perfectly for you. But you didn’t turn up. That day I could not sleep. Many thoughts…thoughts of you only. Why is she doing this? Why she do not want to face me? Or does she know that what I feel for her? So many questions and I couldn’t get to the answers to them cause you were avoiding me.” She was reading the mail.
“Do you remember the day when I had started riding a bicycle. You might not know that I learnt cycling for you. To impress you.  Now, it might be sounding foolish to you. That day, my friend and I were riding back to home. En route, I was looking for you; just to show you my cycling skills. And when you looked at me, I just fall for you again; and fell from the cycle as well. You laughed, and that smile made me forget my injuries. My heart was flying on cloud 9.” She couldn’t stop her tears.
“You were asking me, why I am not pursuing my master’s degree in the USA even though I was having valid scores to get admission easily in any university.  Let me give you the answer today. I wanted to go and pursue my masters there. But I was afraid to go away from you. I thought you will go very far from me. I always wanted to be with my life which is you, then how would have go when my life was here.  I will not say I have sacrificed my career for you; I know I will excel in any field if you will be with me.” She felt guilty of herself. She never knew how selflessly he loves her. She always thought of him as a normal guy who was having a crush on her like a normal teenager. Everybody goes through these feelings when they are in this age. But Rohan was having real feelings for Anjum.
“Anjum, I have waited for you all these 10 years”, Anjum nodded her head in acceptance. “My parents has started looking for a partner for me. I have told them about you. And do you know, to my surprise; they agree to meet you. If you are thinking that they will have some issues with our backgrounds, culture; you just don’t worry about it; they just want a daughter regardless of caste, religion. They want their son to be a happy husband, happy son. They have found my happiness in you.”
She came out of Trans hearing the ringing of a doorbell, quickly she shut down the laptop and stood up to open the door. “What happened, why you took so much of time to open the door,” Ammi asked. “I was in washroom” Anjum replied while wiping out her face. “Why your eyes are red?” Ammi’s question made her look away from her Ammi. “Nothing Ammi”, Anjum wanted to avoid her Ammi and her questions. “Ammi will make a tea for you,” Anjum said before her ammi could ask her any new question.
Tea was boiling and so the thoughts of Rohan were creating tremors in her mind. “Will my family accept him? What relatives and neighbours will say to my family? Though my parents have always taught us to respect people irrespective of their caste and religion, they always told us to admire the qualities of a person. Treat humans with humanity. Still, I was not sure.”
“Abbu, what if a Hindu boy marries to a girl of some other caste?” Anjum asked her father while giving a cup of tea. Her hands were shivering, a drop of a sweat was dripping from her forehead. No, her father was not strict. Rather relation of father-daughter was more like friends. She can say her heart openly to her father. They always brought her up to say her thoughts without any hesitance. Looking at her, he understood that something is not right. “Who is he”, Abbu asked her. Anjum couldn’t utter a word. She was just looking at her Abbu; smiling. She hugged him and told about Rohan.
She went to the room and switched on her laptop. She just typed “Yes” in reply to Rohan’s email.
“If I can see the pain in your eyes then share with me your tears. If I can see the joy in your eyes then share with me your smile.” -Rohan

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